Design Solution 1

There are two elements to this design ...


The brief from our clients was that the TV had to be out of reach to little ones and to make the Living Flame fire safe for little ones too, however they liked the fire and wished to be able to use it after the children were tucked up in Bed.


  • The Existing Living Flame was to be kept but made safe for little children
  • TV required to be mounted out of reach while hiding cables and auxiliary equipment


For this we went to 'Tower Glass' ( Please See Useful Links ) and got them to custom make 'Toughened' 6mm Glass panels in Black for the fireplace doors and bought special Hinges and Locks from Ebay.


Secondly we channelled ducting in the brickwork for all cables to be threaded through to the left side of the chimney breast and so to a cabinet housing the TV Auxiliary Equipment


Design Solution 2

This client lives in a traditional cottage and the sitting room doesn't lend itself to having modern appliances on view 24/7

so we had to come up with an idea to hide the TV away when not in use.


I was aware that there originally was an outside door that had been bricked up and we decided to create a recess in this void to house the TV on a pivoting bracket as shown below.


When the TV is not in use it can be pushed back flush into the recess and covered with a large canvas painting which had

originally been hanging in the same position before, and this was then hinged to allow east access to the TV when required.


The cavity of the void was used to install a 40mm duct for the cables so that the TV's surround System amplifier and other auxiliary equipment could later be disguised within an appropriate cabinet or chest so that no electrical items would be on general display.


Since these pictures were taken I believe the client has decided to re-decorate and buy a cabinet to suit so I will update the pictures when they are available.


I am happy to say that the solution was a great success.


Design Solution 3

In this case the client had already bought a 52" Plasma TV and fixed it to the wall above an existing fire place opening.


We were commissioned to re-decorate the whole living room and so at the same time we decided that by lining the old fire place opening with the appropriate ventilation etc. we could provide a place for the auxiliary equipment to be housed.


Much the same as the above projects, we ducted the cables from the TV into the recess and installed a couple of double

power sockets in the back of the recess to provide the power.


The Doors were custom made again by 'Tower Glass' ( Please See Useful Links ) and they were able to supply us with the special Hinges and Magnetic push catches that we required.


Speaker cable ducts to under the suspended Lounge floor were also installed so that all the cables were hidden but may

be easily replaced if the sound / Visual system were changed in the future.


The centre speaker is mounted on the underside of the TV.


All Sky cables were routed through the back of the opening und up the outside wall to the satelite dish.


A small piece of the same carpet that was laid in the room made for a good finish.


Problem solved with a good result. 


Not all the design solutions we deal with are to do with televisions but this does show what can be done to make the modern day gogglebox more pleasing than just being an eyesore !