Miscellaneous Before & After Pictures

Complete One Bedroom Flat Makeover

We were commissioned by our client to completely re-furbish this flat on a moderate budget.


The Flat had previously been rented for years but was still in very good condition but needed to be personalised

and brought into the noughtys.


This included removing an antiquated boiler system from the kitchen and installing a New Compact Combination boiler

in the Bedroom Wardrobe - 3 x Full Height Sliding Doors have since been installed on this wardrobe to hide everything.


All Carpets were replaced by Grosvenor Carpets ( Please See Useful Links )


The Balcony Windows and Doors have also since been replaced by Wessex Windows ( Please See Useful Links )

Every Room and Balcony had a makeover and below you can see the results.


This is one of many complete makeover jobs that we have done for clients but sadly our webspace is limited to

photo storage so here is a snap shot ...